About Us

Hugo Kohl is a jewelry brand like no other. Not only do we preserve historical methods of making jewelry, but we also create new custom pieces weekly. We work closely with our customers to provide an amazing experience and an even better finished product. 

History, durability, and honesty are all key components to making this business a success. Our values interlock to create a brand that prioritizes our customers first.


Get to Know The Brand

What Is Hugo Kohl Fine Jewelry?

Three Part Series Highlighting The Boutique, The Workshop, and Hugo Himself

Meet the Artist

Hugo Kohl was born into an artistic family and has spent much of his life in the studio. While Hugo is versed in several mediums, Jewelry design and making have always been a singular passion. Upon discovering the Industrial Age Jewelry making legacy of Providence, RI he found a way to put his talents and passion to focused use.

Hugo Kohl has combined a magnificent library of design, the ultimate goldsmiths shop and working factory. It is a unique place where the best aspects of design and making come together to make some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.


  • What a remarkable gem this jewelry store is! They are caring, knowledgeable, talented and customer-oriented. I love this store and they have such a unique collection of precious and semi-precious jewelry. They also foster the preservation of classic style that is rarely found in many places.
  • I had a great experience with Hugo and his very friendly staff. I walked in and discussed with him what I was looking for in a wedding band... he sketched it out, went over options, and in a few weeks I had a gorgeous diamond band that fit perfectly with my engagement ring. He also surprised me and was significantly under the price we had discussed. I will be a return client for sure! Thanks Hugo!
  • The staff was so kind and welcoming. They answered all our questions and even took a few minutes to show us around on an off tour day. Their pieces are beautiful, well made, and they have a wonderful selection. We bought 2 pieces and are very happy with them!
  • Amazing experience. They can customize your ring to whatever size you want and have amazing customer service. The staff want to help you choose the perfect ring and want to get to know you personally instead of just selling a product.
  • Ayanna Telfort
  • Erin Mahony
  • Sommer Morgenstern
  • Jacob Friedler

The Hugo Kohl Brand

Hugo Kohl Jewelry brand is synonymous with high quality craftsmanship. This isn't mass-produced department store jewelry. As Peter Dicristofaro says, "You can't just wear this stuff, you've got to want to wear it."