About Our Workshop

Our workshop is in the old Cassco Ice House building in the Historic District in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Designed and built to be an early American ice factory, the refurbished space is perfectly suited to the light manufacturing needs of jewelry making. High ceilings, an open floor plan, generous natural lighting and surrounded by giant sheets of glass, it is a maker's dream space. It is no small advantage to be in a downtown with tremendous support from our community.

Our vision for this workshop involves a team of highly skilled craftsmen who combine traditional methods with today's technological advantages to create an exquisite collection of truly timeless pieces.

As a maker in this context, we’re really up against it. “It” being the boundaries of understanding how to express what is beautiful thru design. We’re constantly bumping up against these limits and exploring how to move the line by some marginal increment. It's a series of exhilarating, frustrating lessons in greatness and fallibility.