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My name is Hugo Kohl. I’m a manufacturing goldsmith and this is my first blog post. Welcome! In this blog, I’ll write about my very exciting adventures in goldsmithing. How exciting could being a goldsmith be, you might ask? Well, when you do it like I do—with scraped knuckles, burned fingers, torches, presses, hammers, dies and a burning passion to make beautiful jewelry—it can be very exciting.

I have a workshop filled with some of the most incredible machinery and tools ever assembled (which I’ll cover in a future post). In this workshop, I make some of the most exciting, and visually stimulating fine jewelry…ever! (It’s not bragging if it’s true.) As credentials to back up my my outlandish claims, here are some images of the things I make:

A selection of very fancy engraved wedding bands in a variety of metals, including white gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and green gold:

Vintage Wedding Rings

Some of the very ornate cuff bracelets we make:

Vintage Cuff Bracelets

And a small selection of some of the rings I make:

Vintage Signet RingsWhimsical Rings

Next time, I’ll take you on a trip through the work stations where these things get made.

And lest I forget…

I have a very mischievous shop dog named Coco. (We’re still working on her manners.)

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